The Typical Love Song 🌶 5k
It's an ugly crush, but Taeyong doesn't regret it.

Close All the Gaps Between You and I 🌶 13k
Johnny has been in love with Taeyong forever and is oblivious to Taeyong's attempts to get him to make a move.

you shine like the stars (you light up my heart) 🌶 19k
taeyong knows the only reason he's brave enough to sext johnny seo is because it's supposed to be convenient and inconsequential. except it isn't.

run a seam through him 🌶 3k
taeyong is submissive and youngho knows how to take care of him

Just a little bit of trust 🥦 4k
Johnny finds a stray cat on the street and takes it home.

Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Others 🥦 5k
Taeyong despises reading and yet he now knows every John Green novel by heart.

sweet talk 🌶 25k
a spring of firsts for lee taeyong.

Every Morning With You 🌶 3k
Where Johnny and Taeyong lead a seemingly boring life, but the sex they have is anything but.

he waits 🥦 770
johnny gets home late

four teaspoons (and a shot of raspberry) 🥦 2k
Every day, Taeyong comes into Johnny's cafe and buys a soy cappuccino with an outrageous amount of sugar. Until he doesn't.

the hottest flame 🌶 22k
Scholar Seo Youngho is having a hard time following the rules of the Royal Palace.

mouthfall 🌶 8k
He doesn’t know the real name of this, just that it’s happened before, with Youngho—with others—and it’s unhappening afterwards.

(if i had it my way i would) turn you out 🌶 4k
taeyong gets gangbanged

Baby I'm A Want You 🌶 5k
Johnny is Taeyong's baby and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Little Miss Ruby 🥦 12k
Johnny finds a lost dog in front of his house and takes it to school with him.

Straight Home 🌶 3k
Three months is much too long a time to be apart.

the feel of your skin 🌶 2k
taeyong has been awake for less than five minutes and he’s already aching for johnny to fuck him up.

that's how I know my heart is his 🥦 938
for Johnny, Taeyong has always been his anchor.

Sleepy Bear 🥦 1K
Johnny is tired and all he wants is cuddles.

Model Plane 🥦 3K
Johnny and Taeyong are both in London but neither knows it. It’s been years since they last saw each other. Will they be able to find each other again?

We Are Starstuff 🥦 2k
As they shared a blunt under the stars, Taeyong realized he fell in love with a big guy with big thoughts.

Imperfectly Perfect 🌶 12k
Johnny and Taeyong are so in love and nothing will change that.

It's A Johnny Thing 🥦 15k
“Oh, and one last thing.” Doyoung pointed in the direction of a booth. “Never serve the man who sits at the second booth on the right. Johnny sits there, he’s Taeyong’s regular.”

from then until 🌶 3k
somewhere along the line things got blurry and tangled up and now taeyong is johnny’s best friend who he shares kisses, cuddles up under a warm blanket during movie night and occasionally shares a bed with.

It's all coming back to me now 🥦 1.3k
When you see me like this, and when I see you like that - then we see what we want to see all coming back to me

The Stares You Give. 🥦 ongoing
Taeyong didn’t have time. He didn’t have time for his friends, for his school work or anything else other than his jobs.

Happy Birthday, kitty 🥦 1k
Having a whole room full of people coo and fawn over an almost-too-big, very embarrassed cat hybrid, feels like something precious. The kind of moment Taeyong wants to capture and store in a little jar, relive multiple times on bad days, replay it over and over after a fight.

the night shift 🥦 1.6k
‘I’m not saying don’t help him. I know you love him too much to ignore him. But don’t give every piece of you over, not if he doesn’t do the same for you.’

Restaurant tunes never were so happy 🥦 ongoing
The story that happened between Seoul and Chicago and two persons that were destined to meet each other. In some way or another.

rude boy (is u big enough) 🌶 1.4k
he made the choice, and now he’s here. here, naked on his knees on johnny’s bed, with his face pressed into the sheets, moaning like a whore while johnny stuffs his ass with the biggest cock he’s ever taken in his life.

New Passports 🌶 13k
Johnny's perfect life starts to feel like perfection only after Taeyong's bloody, beautiful face appeared in the warehouse bathroom mirror next to him.

eyes all aglow; 🥦 3k
in which it's christmas eve, johnny is on a business trip in europe with a delayed flight, chicago is experiencing their worst winter storm in a decade that shows no signs of stopping, and taeyong has to cope with the fact that he'll need to spend this christmas alone.

Just A Bug 🥦 1.5k
Johnny starts coughing up lavender and believes the odds are stacked against him.

i'll be your home 🥦 1.9k
Johnny found his home in the form of his husband and his precious twins. Alternately Johnny and Taeyong are affectionate parents and they have kids.

Just in Time for the Season 🥦 5k
He doesn’t really know what he’s trying to play coy for, the bells have barely faded into chimes and the printed Christmas tree is partially peeking out because Johnny couldn’t be assed to fold it: it’s clearly a Christmas sweater.

just like that 🌶 1.9k
Sometimes Taeyong needs a bit of guidance, his mind perfectly blank and his mouth full of cock.

fluorescent 🥦 8k
Taeyong isn't sure what he's thinking (or if he's even really thinking at all) when he reaches for the sticky note and slips it into the first chapter of Johnny's book.

The Quiet Moments 🥦 9k
Like everything else about their relationship, Johnny and Taeyong began as a soft and quiet thing. It was, if you will, kind of like a flower.

52Hz to Find You 🌶 7k
taeyong just wants to be found.

Keep An Eye 🌶 10k
based on a twitter prompt where johnny's hired by dispatch to spy on NCT U's lee taeyong but gets caught and offered dinner by the idol instead.

kisses are better when they're sweet 🥦 20k
Johnny offers Taeyong kisses in a subtle way to get him to notice he wants more than what they have.

crack my bed and my back 🌶 4k
In which Johnny breaks their bunk bed and Taeyong's biggest enemies are Johnny's plushies.

Like This 🥦 822
They're still okay. They had to be okay.

i like the way you work it 🥦 35k
In the Summer of 1997, Taeyong learns about skateboarding, Kurt Cobain and how to bag it all up.

doors, wide open 🥦 96k
"He's been looking over here all night," Mina says, still clutching Taeyong's arm. "He's interested!" Taeyong clears his throat awkwardly, but when he looks back those eyes are still on him. Taeyong supposes he should be flattered — in reality he doesn't feel much of anything.

Bright Shade of Orange 🥦 3k
If it wasn't for Yukhei's big loud mouth, Johnny and Taeyong would probably be still playing this game called, let's pretend we don't like each other game.

same old fears (wish you were here) 🥦 8k
“Are you okay?” Taeyong asks, bumping his hip against Johnny’s.

get that good thing, baby 🌶 1.8k
“i’ve been in front of a camera before, but… never like this.” his eyes flicker to johnny, who’s watching him, looking intriguing.

love to love you 🌶 9k
They'd been drunk, too many drinks in at a small party with their friends that they'd all sat in a circle and began to confess their kinks. Jaehyun liked watching himself in the mirror. Sicheng liked being tied up. Doyoung liked getting bit and scratched so hard he'd bleed. Taeyong. Taeyong liked mutual masturbation, and as it happened, so did Johnny. Well if two friends had it in common, it only made sense, right?

Open The Door 🌶 ongoing
Art and music therapist Taeyong Lee puts his heart and soul into his work, and prides himself on being a professional. When he becomes the caseworker for the Suh family, boundaries do not seem so simple anymore.

ain't nothing to think about 🌶 1.2k
taeyong wakes up with slick soaking his thighs and johnny's thick cock pushing inside his tight, little hole.

honey, i'm home 🌶 7k
Taeyong groaned, a noise partially pleasure and partially frustration. His over-the-shoulder look turned a little sharper, and he took a steadying breath before replying, “Ev- Every day with you is a special day, dammit.”

more than a feeling 🥦 12k
Taeyong is a university senior trying his best to graduate in peace. Johnny thinks that kind of peace was never really an option.

Witch Heart 🌶 20k
Johnny Seo left White Stone as a conscript, leaving behind his home, his future in the Witch Guard and the only person he’s ever loved. Five years later he returns to the Witch Heart as a decorated soldier, Legion Commander, and a war hero.

job perks 🌶 2k
It's not quite that Taeyong hates his life and job, he's just incredibly unfulfilled. Meeting new night janitor Johnny might be the first step to change that.

I’m the boss (that leads you) 🌶 17k
Taeyong spends his life being groomed to become the next boss of the Neo Family. Johnny is always there for him, supporting him, believing in him, holding him up when even Taeyong thinks he can't make it.

when it rains 🥦 7k
Magic is an all-powerful being and she has rules — even now, Taeyong knows very few of them. He knows that he runs this shop, and he knows that no one comes back a second time. Johnny comes back a second time, and Taeyong decides he knows very little.

(make me) lose control 🌶 1.8k
taeyong feels like he's going to explode.

a special appointment 🌶 5k
Taeyong isn't sure how this began. Maybe it's the result of a lingering touch while handing off papers. Or perhaps it's due to a certain meeting of their eyes. Or maybe it's just the way they smell to each other. He considers briefly that perhaps they're just compatible. Perhaps, his romantic heart wishes, they were meant to be.

slip, and slide 🌶 4k
Taeyong gives everything Johnny needs to take, and more.

(honey, honey) i know that you're with it 🌶 11k
wet. there’s slick on his thighs, dripping between his cheeks where he’s spread, open and wanton, wrists tied to his ankles, blindfolded, helpless.

howl for me 🌶 3k
The full moon can be intoxicating for werewolves. Taeyong gets to experience firsthand the effects it has on his werewolf boyfriend, Johnny.

Gearstick 🌶 4k
Johnny is going to get himself fired at this rate. That's what happens, after all, when you fuck the omega you're supposed to be protecting.

hold him down 🌶 3k
Johnny’s hand, large and hot, comes to rest against the elegant curve of his waist, barely stroking him through the thin white fabric of his shirt. Taeyong feels like he could melt through the floor at this point, his nerves on fire.

(singing to me) glory 🌶 1.8k
Johnny isn't the first vampire slayer, and he knows he won't be the last.

you could be my habit 🌶 2k
And the thing is, he looks so sweet like this - on his knees, ass presented like he's the gift.

kimochi! 🌶 ongoing
Maybe Johnny's a little too obsessed with hentai character Lee Taeyong. But it's harmless, right? It's not like it's real. Until Taeyong appears in his living room.

treasure 🌶 1k
Dragons are known for hoarding treasure and being very protective of their keepsakes, and Taeyong is no different.

For the First Time 🥦 29k
Of all first time experiences, meeting his son for the first time remains Johnny’s favourite.

heaven is a place on earth (with you) 🥦 24k
Taeyong's a man from the stars looking for answers and Johnny's just trying to survive on Earth.

Home 🌶 11k
Sometimes unfortunate events lead to the greatest things in our life.

silly pranks factory 🥦 4k
One more silly prank and Taeyong will definitely fall in love.

night trouble 🥦 4k
Of parting words and a healing broken love. Johnny loves deeply.

home is between your legs 🌶 1.5k
taeyong's heat is always fun when he spends it with johnny

Paper Lions 🌶 ongoing
Taeyong is trying to keep his head down during his stay in prison before his trial but fellow inmate and alleged crime boss Johnny makes Taeyong’s life just a little more complicated.

omega auction house 🌶 15k
A whisper in Johnny’s mind said that he was here, deep underground, at this shady cabaret, because he was meant to meet Taeyong. Johnny had never believed in mates, no one did, it was 2019. However, he had never wanted anyone like this.

i'm a bad bitch you can't kill me 🥦 8k
The first words your soulmate will say to you are written on your skin. When someone says that words to you, you'll know that person's the one. Taeyong has the stupidest mark ever.

jealous of the rain 🌶 9k
Taeyong loves Johnny, he knows that for a fact. Johnny loves the rain, which in Taeyong’s opinion is stupid, rain will never love you back. Taeyong sighs, “You’re in love with something that’ll never love you back.”

(drown me) in your waters 🌶 6k
Taeyong thinks he's content to spend the rest of his summer hanging out at the waterpark despite little inclination or ability to go in the water. Johnny is the lifeguard on duty who takes notice.

We don't need gravity (here in the afterglow) 🥦 ongoing
Taeyong had only wanted to get laid. The ritual was meant to get them hook-ups and dates, not a demon. And especially not an incubus.

Wake Me Up With A Whiplash 🌶 5k
Taeyong brings up a scene he's always wanted to try to his boyfriend, Johnny who's hesitant at first. So, they figure out a way for both of them to be comfortable doing something risky like this.

bergamot and oak 🌶 4k
Taeyong can’t mind his own business due to his new problematic new fetish.

close in on the distance 🌶 2k
He loves kissing Taeyong like this. He loves how he will sag against him and lean on him for support, loves how he’ll let go of himself, how he’ll make these small content noises, because he’s getting too into it. It’s addictive.

hot and bothered 🌶 8k
taeyong unexpectedly goes into heat and enlists the aid of an alpha with whom he is only tangentially acquainted

do it for fun 🌶 26k
Johnny meets his favorite 18+ manga author.

take the money and run 🌶 125k
Taeyong is a criminal who unfortunately didn't think about taking his heat suppressants before being detained by a bounty hunter.

sweet creature (i always think about you) 🌶 3k
the neighbor boy is ruining johnny's life.

astounded and nonplussed 🥦 7k
Taeyong loves math, practically lives and breathes it. Math is challenging, but in the end, it has solutions to problems. But maybe he questions that way of thinking when Johnny Suh strides in Business Calculus class and takes a seat next to him.

You're Insufferable 🥦 ongoing
Brief snapshots of two self-obsessed men who can't figure out how they feel about each other.

let's go down to the tennis court 🌶 10k
Taeyong may or may not have a huge crush on his new tennis coach.

inertia creeps 🌶 ongoing
Johnny is left intrigued by the charming, ethereal son of the man he has a bone-deep hatred for.

Unnatural Men 🥦 ongoing
Taeyong has a second chance at life, and he's determined to do something good with it.

(can’t) fight the feeling 🌶 4k
it’s been too long since he’s had cock, fake or real inside of him. and he doesn’t feel right. he doesn’t feel like himself, doesn’t feel whole without a hard cock splitting him in two or a long dick tearing his throat apart.

Put a Keyring On It 🥦 2k
As Johnny and Taeyong navigate living together the couple discover along with the rainbows and sunshine comes compromise and understanding.

Two-Colored Orion 🥦 2k
There are two things in the world that can calm Taeyong's frazzled mind in times of need and stress: the first one is Funny Parrots and Cute Birds compilations on Youtube. The other is Johnny Seo, his boyfriend.

Johnny isn't here though and Taeyong has to take matters into his own hands. Even if it means breaking in and stealing.

narrow the gap between us 🌶 32k
It’s easy for Johnny to care about Donghyuck, Jungwoo, or any other member, and to tease them playfully. It’s easy for him to make Mark laugh hard enough to double in on himself.

It’s not easy being in love with one of his closest friends. Especially if you know exactly what they sound like when you bite that one spot on their neck.

🍴 love me hard 🌶 4k
taeyong and johnny celebrate their monthsary.

🍴 Semi-Sweet 🌶 ongoing
Lee Taeyong, the artist behind a handful of widely popular erotic manhwas, struggles to find inspiration for his next series after losing his writing partner and having to work alone. But then he meets Johnny Suh, the new chocolatier at Semi-Sweet cafe, who'd be just perfect as his next main character.

🍴 back in my arms 🌶 42k
johnny is a simple man, living a simple life, so no one would really have thought that he'd meet a beautiful, beautiful sea boy with a tail for feet, who now has a pair of actual human legs and is sleeping in his bed.

🍴 so the heavens wept 🥦 ongoing
Taeyong hadn’t heeded the rumors at first. They sounded far too outrageous.

Now, as he's huddled in an underground cellar and fearing for his life, Taeyong regrets it. He's been on the run for a year now - falling from the worshipped Crown Prince to a royal fugitive whom the rebels are all too eager to kill.

Enter Johnny Suh, Leader of the Rebellion and far too attractive for his own good.

🍴 good on paper 🥦 32k
There are two very prevalent problems in Johnny Seo’s life at the moment. Both of which, unfortunately, go hand in hand:

1) his coworker is the cutest catboy he’s ever seen
2) his workplace has a strict no-dating between employees policy

Or: in which Johnny tries to woo his jaded deskmate, who’s a nightmare of a workaholic, absolutely not interested in him, and a stickler for constant professionalism. Just with a fluffy tail and an extra set of ears.

🍴 cafuné 🥦 1.8k
cafuné (noun, portuguese):
to gently caress someone’s scalp, specially with the tips of your fingers; an act of tenderness, of gentleness, usually reserved to people you like very much.
taeyong is tired, johnny is caring.

🍴 descension of astaria 🌶 ongoing
Taeyong meets an unexpected partner when Johnny flew to Mevildir on his dragon with information about mysterious attacks the Mayseos suspected to be the doing of the orcs of Radrakh.

🍴 It's gonna hurt when it heals too 🥦 3k
Taeyong dealing with the death of his husband.

🍴 sweet heat 🌶 3k
When Johnny decided to adopt a kitten hybrid into his life, he didn't fully think it through.

And now, as he stares at a near naked Taeyong writhing and whining on his bed, he realizes that he really, really should've thought this through.

🍴 the light at the end of this tunnel (is you) 🥦 3k
Taeyong loses control but, as always, Johnny is there to pull him back from the brink.

🍴 Bourbon 🌶 ongoing
When Taeyong's husband dies and he becomes a target for every mobster a mile radius, his only hope at survival, at protecting his son is the alpha drug lord Suh Johnny who seems to be more than he shows.

🍴 Indulge 🌶 3k
Taeyong with his eyes closed, a blush high on his cheeks, his hair that he carefully styled earlier in the day is already drenched in sweat, his mouth open and letting out moans every so often is a work of art.

🍴 sweet like honey 🥦 12k
“God, I love how we’re always on the same page,” Johnny laughed incredulously. “I’ve been trying to tell you I want to adopt a hybrid for a while now.”

“You do?” Taeyong asked, eyes wide, and when Johnny nodded he immediately hooked his arms around Johnny’s neck, pulling him down for a frantic kiss. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Johnny replied wetly, laughing as Taeyong pulled back to wipe at the tears on his cheeks. He was so happy. “Let’s start a family, Taeyong.”

🍴 sugar pink 🌶 7k
thirty minutes.

taeyong’s hands tremble as he stares at the message on his phone, palms sweating. his toes curl against the carpet and his teeth nibble into his bottom lip.

it’s a simple message but it’s all a façade, really. two words is all johnny needs to send him to get his point across—taeyong is a good baby boy, and he knows exactly what it is that daddy wants from him.

🍴 day one 🌶 6k
His love for Taeyong was an endless and bottomless pit, ever growing, never changing.

🍴 actin’ brand new with you 🌶 7k
Yuta invites Taeyong to a frat party cause he think Taeyong needs to relax and have fun. He definitely had fun ... in more ways than one.

🍴 heartbreak anniversary 🥦 2k
and then, of course, the reality of it had sunk deep into his bones, cutting him up into pieces. for every piece he puts back into place, another ten shatters.

🍴 beyond the blue line 🌶 15k
It takes Taeyong Lee three seasons to make a home out of Dallas.

It takes John Suh only one to make a home right in Taeyong’s heart.

🍴 get a little braver now 🥦 4k
One of the first things Haechan learned when he entered SM Entertainment is that Johnny and Taeyong are a package deal. They’e best friends, and nothing comes between them. Not insane training hours, not even debuting months apart. They’re the one constant in the ever fluctuating concept that is NCT. Even when Johnny becomes roommates with Haechan, he’s still with Taeyong, by his side whatever chance he gets.

But one day, everything changes.

🍴 the answer is definite 🥦 3k
have you ever been so irrevocably in love with someone's personality?

see, the answer is yes. he has.

🍴 Autumn Trees 🌶 ongoing
Johnny had always been too kind, and Taeyong had always been more selfish than he looked.

🍴 the love song inside the rain 🥦 2k
The umbrella feels even smaller with the two of them under it. Johnny feels hyper-aware of how Taeyong tucks himself behind Johnny’s arm, how this close, Taeyong seems so much smaller than him, even though Johnny knows he’s wearing boots with a little bit of heel.

Johnny doesn’t like walking in the rain, but sharing an umbrella with Taeyong makes it better.

🍴 Marriage of Convenience 🌶 11k
Johnny decides to spend the afternoon meditating by the oasis behind his home, and finds someone already sitting in his favorite spot under the palm tree.

The stranger was wearing a green and blue silk shirt and pants, which no one in the desert would wear due to how much heat the material absorbs. The back of his hair was a pretty white, streaked with green.

Johnny was only a few steps away, about to open his mouth and let his presence be known when the boy's back suddenly tensed as if sensing him.

A second later the stranger was up and Johnny blinks as he stares at a dagger being pointed at his face.

🍴 when you hit me, hit me hard 🌶 3k
Taeyong goes back for more from his professional dom, Johnny.

🍴 unafraid 🌶 16k
taeyong can't help it if his first crush happens to be a mafia boss.

🍴 A Fabricated Charade 🥦 ongoing
Where Johnny Seo is a grumpy, arrogant, no-nonsense executive editor in chief in one of the biggest publishing company in Chicago who, upon learning that he will lose his visa status in the US and is about to get kicked out of the country, wrangles his introverted, socially awkward but incredibly brilliant assistant Taeyong Lee, into a complicated marital hoax agreement to avoid deportation. While an immigration agent Nakamoto is dead set on capturing them in the tangle of lies they have spun, Mark - Johnny’s brother - tries to use his fresh lawyer status to his advantage and get the stubborn agent off of his brother's back. But it seems as though while fixing up the chaos his brother made upon, Mark just gets into a mess of his own in the process.

Practice & Theory 🌶 74k
Doyoung considers himself a moral person, he really does. He’d die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. No exceptions, no slip-ups, no compromises. But sometimes the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode.

Opposite 🥦 6k
Doyoung’s new apartment comes with fancy furnishing and a marble counter top. Oh, and the morning view of a sexy shirtless man working out in the apartment opposite it.

Food and Wine (And you on my tongue) 🌶 10k
“Is it like a dom thing?” he asks and Doyoung nods with a quiet hum.

Castling 🌶 126k
“I’ll see you soon - we are neighbours, after all.” Jaehyun bows his head one final time and disperses through the crowd. No one bids him farewell, and it’s like he was never here at all, if not for the untouched glass of sherry left behind.

honey 🌶 2k
“you okay, honey?”

lesbian loving anti-capitalist, kim doyoung! 🥦 6k
doyoung's problem resides in being a weak gay who wavers whenever jung jaehyun, heir to the jung oil company, is involved. even if he has yuta laughing in his ear about becoming a white man's whore.

painted 🌶 1.8k
The pleasure of pain comes with knowing hurt and how to hurt. Jaehyun feels it as Doyoung grips his chin to apply his lipstick, and watches with hooded eyes those that hold the fixed quantity of attention shared only between the two of them.

You're My Aesthetic 🌶 8k
Doyoung doesn't believe in love at first sight, but he can't deny the way his heart skips a beat when he first lays eyes on Jaehyun, the new nude model for his art class.

precious possession 🌶 4k
Doyoung doesn’t want to admit he might be in love. Love is not his thing, it never has been, so he is all but reluctant to admit defeat to it. But it gets hard by the day, Jaehyun poisoning his veins with his sweet voice and sweet smile, smalls gestures that has Doyoung on his knees for him in no time.

lemonade love love (i'm so thirsty) 🌶 2k
in which broke pool boy jaehyun pulls up to the kim residence, ready to clean a pool and maybe have sex with a rich and lonely wine mom for extra money.

The Duality of Man 🥦 1.4k
Jung Jaehyun is the hottest person working in their office. But Doyoung knows something about him that their other coworkers don't.

open up my ribcage (i’ll find you there) 🌶 8k
roses are red, violets are blue, do you love me as much as I love you?

even paradise has an expiration date 🌶 4k
In Jaehyun's little paradise, it doesn't matter if Doyoung's poisonous flowers have taken over the house, if rain is clogging the Floo Network or if Jaehyun keeps tripping on slimy tentacles in the foyer. Doyoung smiles at him and it's enough.

in the thick of it 🌶 4k
Sometimes you get set up on blind dates with the guy who tried to mug you last weekend. That's just the way life goes.

To whom shall I pray to 🥦 9k
The irony is that Doyoung is a god who receives prayers but who could never utter one.

courage, dear heart 🥦 1.4k
“I’m going to be brave too,” Doyoung murmurs, so quiet but loud like the traitorous thundering of Jaehyun’s heart, like the blood that keep singing Doyoung, Doyoung, Doyoung, in his veins. “I’m going to be brave,” Doyoung repeats, “okay?”

you're extra special, something else 🌶 6k
Jaehyun doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t match. He’s a fluorescent discrepancy in the gold and glitter of Doyoung’s life. He doesn’t fit in. And the knowledge burns in his chest. Maybe this is what drowning feels like.

Code Blue 🥦 ongoing
Fresh out of the training academy for the National Intelligence Agency, Doyoung is thrilled when he's tasked with his first undercover assignment: get close to Jung Jaehyun, son of the leader of the country's most infamous crime syndicate, but during his mission to find out as much as he can about Jaehyun, he discovers that the real test will be guarding his heart.

Anchored 🥦 67k
Doyoung never meant to get so involved, but he had always been innately curious, so when one night with Jaehyun leaves him buzzing with questions, he decides to go looking for some answers. But after he discovers something he was never meant to see, he gets pulled into a world that he never knew existed and soon enough, he's in too deep to walk away.

Heart at Sea 🥦 47k
Jaehyun always discarded his gold band interlaced with an iridescent amethyst color on his nightstand before venturing out to the sea. Until one day he didn’t.

Folded Underwear 🌶 13k
Doyoung meets Jaehyun and realises that sometimes deviation from routine can be something good.

them's the breaks 🌶 5k
Jaehyun learns the fun way that the world of street racing isn't as shiny as he thought it was.

Sorry Baby 🌶 ongoing
"I believe that all these assassinations were carried out by one person," Doyoung says. "They don't have a signature, but they have style, and I just found that to be really interesting."

faded, jaded (honey we've almost made it) 🥦 26k
jaehyun hates doyoung the second they meet, but the universe has other plans.

Timeless Beating of The Heart 🥦 29k
Jaehyun is a boy of the mountains, simple, grateful and with dreams of the city. Doyoung is a born and raised Seoulite, with a part-time job, a crush, and a hectic lifestyle. Neither of them have much in common but, as fate plays its game, Jaehyun wakes up one morning in the body of Kim Doyoung, living a life that is not his own, falling a little bit in love, one day at a time.

Lavender and Honey 🌶 20k
“Are you malnourished? Have I been missing something? Did I take too many petals last time I pruned you?” One of the flowers falls to the table and withers.

Cocoon 🌶 13k
In hindsight, Jaehyun should have realized that he’s probably been in love with Doyoung this entire time.

storm into my life 🥦 3k
Doyoung is trapped inside the library during a storm and Jaehyun rescues him with the promise of food and heating.

forty winks 🌶 1k
Jaehyun doesn't mind if Doyoung uses his body for pleasure.

leave me some kinda sign 🥦 8k
Doyoung just wants Jaehyun to notice his piercing.

Falling 🥦 5k
Jaehyun and Doyoung are good friends, but when it comes to their sports club, they're in constant competition for the ace title. What everyone sees as sexual tension, they merely brush off as passionate rivalry, until a certain event brings them closer and feelings bloom.

no excuses 🥦 7k
Cute Bartender quirked an eyebrow, turning slightly to set the bottle of gin on the back of the bar. “Alright then,” he said, leaning against the bars on his elbows. Oh god, he’s really cute, Doyoung thought to himself, dropping his hands off the bar top to rest them on his knees before he did something stupid with them. Stay focused, Doyoung, don’t get distracted. “Go ahead, ask away.”

you could be my ever after 🥦 19k
jaehyun and doyoung make a marriage pact the summer before high school starts

In the Closet 🌶 1.2k
Jaehyun and Doyoung make use of Taeyong's bedroom while he is away on tour.

This Time Around 🥦 8k
Jaehyun knows he should have learned how to let go by now, but maybe he wasn't so wrong not to after all

you're my superstar 🥦 1.2k
in which jung jaehyun changes kim doyoung's life for the better

before that, and colder 🌶 21k
Jaehyun is a man now, but he wasn't always. He was a child once, and one day he will be more than a man — a king.

To being happy 🌶 2k
For an arranged marriage Doyoung can’t say he could have done any better.

lunchbox friends 🌶 4k
doyoung and jaehyun have a deal; whoever loses the game, gives the winner a reward.

etéreos 🌶 5k
It takes one too many nights of Jaehyun sleeping on his bed before Doyoung finally makes a move, making it their longest and most unforgettable one.

To Love and Be Loved 🥦 6k
“How would you like me to propose?” Jaehyun says it so casually that it makes Doyoung’s hand stop midway as he was combing his hair. Silence fills the room as Doyoung looks at him questioningly, more like wanting Jaehyun to repeat his question to know that he heard him right.

Christmas Wonder 🥦 2k
Doyoung was nervous. Rationally, he knew he shouldn't be - Jaehyun was the biggest fucking sap he ever met, and he always appreciated and cherished even the tiniest romantic gestures Doyoung did for him, loved all the cliché romance related stuff; Jaehyun loved love in general - Valentine's baby, and all that shit. So yes, Doyoung was perfectly aware that he shouldn't be nervous.

serotonin for the soul 🌶 3k
A fire ignites within Doyoung, the need to prove everyone wrong. The next thing he knows, he's got three of his fingers up his ass, imagining - wanting - it to be Jaehyun's slender ones instead, and a butt plug ready beside his pillow to keep him just that. Ready.

🍴 conforming to society 🌶 3k
Kim Doyoung does not conform.

But if conforming can get him dick, then who is he to resist?

🍴 Eternal Sunshine 🌶 15k
“Welcome to Buzzfeed’s now iconic new series, started by yours truly of course, Handcuffed to my Ex for Twenty Four Hours!”

“There is no amount of money you could pay me,” Doyoung said after a short pause, “That would convince me to do this.”

🍴 when the water calls 🌶 6k
On the topic of mythical creatures, Jaehyun isn’t exactly opposed to them. He maybe thinks that they exist.

It's a maybe until he finds himself caught in one of their games.

🍴 Dazed And Confused 🌶 1.7k
Jaehyun is a rich, young and powerful CEO and Doyoung relishes in the fact that the same man is now writhing underneath him.

🍴 Color me you, blue. 🌶 ongoing
Jung Jaehyun thinks he has the perfect future laid in front of him. A solid degree. A bright career at the best firms. Fancy things to add on his upcoming title. But life crashes down on him at the age of 25 when a call changes everything.

🍴 leave a toothbrush so i know it's real 🥦 3k
Waving the toothbrush in question around as threateningly as one could while wearing bunny-printed pyjamas, Doyoung said, “I give you 10 seconds to admit your crime, Mr Jung. Did you use my toothbrush?”

🍴 i knew from the first time (i'd stay for a long time) 🌶 13k
When Jaehyun walks into his psychology class on Monday morning, he doesn’t expect the TA to be so damn attractive. He also doesn’t expect him to be the same man he took home from the bar last weekend, but apparently the universe has a twisted sense of humor.

🍴 Hyperopia 🌶 6k
If you knew love was destined to kill you, would you risk it? Would you let yourself die to allow yourself to live?

i want to go together with you 🥦 2k
4 times Yuta loves Sicheng from afar and 1 time Sicheng does something about it.

Why Can't You See That You Belong With Me 🥦 21k
Sicheng knew he wasn't popular. He was tall, quite beautiful, but he had difficulties with communicating since he was a foreigner. It made him insecure and feel out of place. Normally the only thing that could really make him happy was dancing, but lately something changed. That something, or rather someone, was his neighbor from across the street, Nakamoto Yuta.

O 🌶 1.6k
The innocent, seemingly untainted and pure aura Sicheng carries juxtaposes with how fucking filthy he is on his knees.

one-man kind of showman 🥦 6k
Yuta is all talk, all action, and he's getting there with the feelings.

harpsong 🥦 2k
He thinks about Yuta, his black hair, the way it curls around his throat, his big, menacing smile that he’d found so beautiful he had leant down and kissed it. He has to leave.

you are my angel 🥦 950
yuta is afraid of thunderstorms.

Afterimage 🌶 20k
"We're not the same," Yuta repeats, "only one of me."

how to feel alive 🥦 17k
Sicheng has escaped the military compound where he's been held for two years. Separated from his brother in a storm, he sets out to find him again. Yuta lives alone in the penthouse suite of an abandoned hotel, pretending not to be lonely, and from the roof he watches a figure approaching the city centre.

the way that you move 🥦 ongoing
Sicheng is beautiful and flexible as hell, and he doesn't give Yuta a second glance. So, obviously, Yuta decides he’s in love.

Aftertouch 🌶 20k
In which Yuta is not your usual sub and Sicheng not the stereotypical dom, but when they meet at a dom/sub event in a sex club, they’re both more than intrigued.

i love me, i like it 🌶 28k
He’s about to open his mouth to start up on a generic ‘what are you wearing and how can I take it off you’ deal, but then he sees something he’d skimmed over before: under ‘likes,’ Winwin had filled in praise, being called good-looking, attractive, etc.

Tentillum 🌶 2k
Yuta loves Sicheng and all of his surprises.

Sapphire Sun 🌶 4k
Dragons on their ruts was a dangerous and serious matter. They were known to attack, and sometimes kill, others if they got too close or were not a suitable mate to help them through the process. A dragon's rut lasted three days. Not that Yuta minded one bit. Though, he was still a little (read: a lot) afraid of the other if his pounding heart was anything to go by.

Under This Shifted Sky, We'll Always Be Together 🌶 33k
Experts of Ten and Johnny's experiences of surviving the zombie apocalypse with their son, Jeno.

The Art Of Baking 🌶 5k
Johnny knows that Ten’s been lurking on twitter more and more often lately, but nothing could have prepared him for the words, “Johnny hyung, what’s a creampie?”

eighteen blue 🥦 18k
Ten doesn't know why his parents thought he needed a brother, but suddenly Yuta was a part of his life. And he was perfect. Before Yuta, Ten had never second-guessed himself. And now his every action feels like a cry for help. Like enrolling for Physics before senior year. Stupid. At least there's this really nice-looking senior who seemingly wants to befriend him.

Annie 🥦 2k
Ten is at his wits end. If he doesn't get a ring on his finger soon, then it's over.

(don't) lie to me 🥦 2k
Ten has been living with Johnny for a few months now, and has been his boyfriend for a little over two years. After all this time, he has yet to find a flaw to the perfect foreign photographer Johnny. Time has come for the ugly truth to come into light.

chocolate. 🥦 ongoing
ten didn't know how to act around johnny.

Speculation, Speculation 🥦 117k
The newly assigned HR rep might just be the death of Ten.

Sweetly Salty, Deeply Thirsty 🌶 7k
Johnny is fixing Ten with a hard stare when he says, “Whoever said you weren’t good enough is a filthy liar.” He slips his own fingers underneath the collar. His touch is electric against Ten’s neck. “You are enough. You’re more than enough. No one works harder than you do.”

Bewitched 🥦 5k
Well, Ten loses control of his magic when he gets a Wizard's Cold, so Youngho's technically be-wizarded.

🍴 The End of All Things 🌶 13k
Johnny doesn’t remember what Ten’s perfume smells like anymore. He’s just— gone.


Johnny hadn’t factored in the possibility of them ever falling out of love with each other. It had always been JohnnyandTen. Joined at the hip. Soulmates, inseparable, a package deal.

“Hey Johnny, how’s Ten?”

Always the two of them.

They don’t warn you about the possibility of an end.

unfold 🌶 7k
“I’ve always wanted to wear garters and stockings,” Yukhei admits, feeling the tips of his ears get warm.

Two Minute Warning 🌶 22k
Balancing being their team’s star player and a proper boyfriend is stressful. Scheduled weekly dinner dates helps.

Sugar 🌶 21k
Yukhei wasn’t sure if it was sheer delirium or not, but he finally managed to summon enough inner strength to behave like the flirtatious side of himself for a moment, instead of an extra large baked potato, and he threw Jungwoo a crooked grin, nodding.

Conundrum 🌶 3k
Yukhei is drunk at a club and meets a handsome man who he might just take home tonight.

hot chocolate 🥦 1k
Lucas sets a microwave on fire, Jungwoo is his knight in shining armor and Taeyong wants to kill Lucas with a pineapple.

the more i get to know you (the more i don't understand) 🥦 16k
In a world where Yukhei can't accept himself, Jungwoo does.

until i loved you 🥦 2k
Yukhei has a crush on the cute boy in his algebra class who doodles pictures of outer space instead of paying attention to the teacher's lectures.

Prickly on the outside (softie on the inside) 🥦 3k
In which a tall, pretty weird but cool guy buys a cactus he names after his long-suffering roommate and brings it everywhere. The gym, his classes, study trips to the library, midnight coffee runs and saturday nights out at the cinema. Jungwoo may or may not have sold it to him.

Adrenalize 🌶 ongoing
Jungwoo doesn't think much of it when his brother, Taemin, shows up at his apartment at almost 6 A.M., begging him for a place to stay. It doesn't take long for him to regret saying yes.

sixteen sunrises 🌶 29k
When Jaehyun, a broke college student just trying to graduate, applies for a stripping gig at a local club he doesn't expect Johnny, a young businessman with too much money in his hands, to turn his life upside down and mess with everything he has ever known of.

When the kids are away 🌶 6k
In which Johnny is a hot dad and Jaehyun triumphs over soccer moms.

Scrambled Guts 🌶 17k
His eyes trace a bead of sweat that trails down from Johnny’s collarbone to his chest, down his tight, toned—oh my god he has abs, Jaehyun’s sex monkey brain supplies—all the way down to his. Oh my god. Jaehyun hears himself gasp.

This Gift 🌶 3k
Where Johnny is full of the Christmas spirit and Jaehyun endures it as best he can.

cat got your 🌶 14k
It’s not that he hated it. It just confused him. Sure, Johnny was a goofball and tended to latch onto jokes or memes for a while but for some reason this whole cat thing had persisted for longer than usual.

a replica of 🌶 11k
But Johnny catches on and perfects the synapse, meets Jaehyun halfway, and it’s no work at all.

win you over 🌶 29k
Johnny's friends encourage him to sleep with Jaehyun as a dare. Johnny finds out that it's a lot easier said than done.

doin' it right 🌶 4k
Jaehyun is dragged to an estate sale. It's sucks, but then he stumbles upon the most beautiful silk robe and also a really hot man.

Blood Talk 🌶 37k
This was Jaehyun's third time going to college and completing another degree. He knew the drill. Humans were only temporary. When the tall boy with the long neck and a seemingly unwavering determination to be friendly sits next to the vampire in class, Jaehyun finds all his principles shaken.

Forgive me father (for I have sinned) 🌶 3k
Jaehyun had never felt as close to God as when the Devil was eating his ass.

Here, hold my heart 🥦 16k
When Jaehyun got a job right out of College, he didn't expect it to be on the other side of the world. He knew it would turn his world upside down yet he wasn't ready for it to bring so many wonderful people in his life, least of all Johnny who transformed his life the minute he walked in.

you know what i can take (give me what you got) 🌶 3k
It’s nice, Doyoung thinks, how much of a mess he looks, how he can see the skin on his neck around his fingers turning red so quickly. Doyoung likes nice things.

pour down your rain 🌶 11k
Taeyong really walked in and messed it all up, changed his world vision for better and for worse and Doyoung isn’t sure what is right or wrong for him anymore. What he does know is that he wants Taeyong to stay the night.

Sweet, Sugary Sweet 🌶 13k
Taeyong has a habit of finding new habits. Some are more persistent than others.

The Road that Leads to You 🥦 17k
Some find family in the most unexpected places, Doyoung finds his in a biker gang and its emotionally inept rider, Taeyong.

be my, be my baby 🥦 8k
Of all the things that could have brought about Doyoung's Taeyong Revelation - his friends' incessant meddling, his own inability to keep his mouth shut around his best friend, the way his heart leaps to his throat every time Taeyong so much as looks at him - Doyoung didn't think a baby would be one of them.

I Knew It Was You 🥦 5k
Doyoung sees a vision of the man destined to kill him and falls in love anyway.

come out, you're hiding 🥦 4k
Taeyong didn't really plan on going out that night, not when it was too cold out and he still had laundry to do. But he still ends up drinking a little too much and doing something he wasn't really supposed to.

these things i need 🌶 16k
taeyong spins again, slowly, trying to brand this into his memory. he runs his hands all over himself, slipping his fingers under the waistband of the panties, skimming over the cut of them digging in to the swell of his bottom, snapping the suspenders against his skin. he gasps, tingles shivering up his spine, and he can feel himself starting to swell with need between his thighs.

be still my dead (beating) heart 🌶 5k
In which Jaehyun, a vampire from Halloween Town begins to date a Christmas elf named Taeyong who is from well, Christmas Town.

don't pretend like you don't 🌶 4k
It all starts when Taeyong accidentally learns that Jaehyun likes to get spanked.

thirsty 🌶 2k
jaehyun usually wants, takes, dominates, but with taeyong he needs, begs, submits.

how water loves 🌶 ongoing
“Jung Junsu’s son,” his father pauses, “Jung Jaehyun, I’m sure you have met him.” Taeyong’s eyes narrow but he doesn’t speak. “He’s grown into a wonderful and smart young man, Taeyong,” his father pauses again, as if he’s hesitating, picking his next words carefully, and Taeyong feels his eye twitch with impatience. Finally, his father speaks again, “Jung Junsu and I wish to arrange your marriage.”

luceat lux vestra (let your light shine) 🥦 5k
jaehyun is lonely, and taeyong just happens to be the brightest existence in the world.

like nobody's around 🌶 3k
Taeyong just wants to sleep, but Yuta clearly has different plans.

it's fixed on you, this heartbeat 🥦 11k
Lee Taeyong is in love with a man who hates him.

The koi next door 🥦 20k
There is one remarkable thing akin to a fairy tale in which Yuta allows himself to believe: a mermaid lives in the sparkling sea surrounding his painfully, utterly, completely mundane town.

something new 🌶 2k
Ten finally asks Kun to fuck his thighs.

abominable?! how about the adorable snowman! 🥦 4k
(Ten is a struggling single parent, Chenle has more energy than anyone can keep up with, and Kun is the monster in Chenle's closet.

the store 🥦 8k
But if they need more, they will walk down the aisles of The Store until they reach the quiet man and his brass register. He will pull out a book of orders, of wishes and dreams and tears and spite, that he keeps tucked away and out of sight. They will tell him what they want, and he will ask them to write it down.

open invitation 🌶 2k
Ten’s asleep, and his pink, soft lips are parted, that mouth that gave Kun so much trouble earlier today.

the truth hurts (and secrets kill) 🌶 4k
The best thing Ten loves about these woods is that it answers the age old question: if you were to scream and no one was to hear it, did you really scream at all? The answer is, of course you did, because as all philosophers always forgot - being the hideous old men they were - was that human beings were not the only creatures alive capable of hearing. And the trees are never alone. Especially in these woods.

Hunger of the Pine 🌶 14k
Kun and Ten are ex-college friends-with-benefits who end up becoming so much more when they bump into each other again at the airport after a few years for the wedding of their respective college roommates and best friends, Johnny and Taeyong.

a collection of hearts 🥦 72k
Who does this guy think he is, walking into Ten’s shop with the most adorable kid in the universe, with hair like that, a smile so blinding it could rival the light of the sun? There has to be a catch.

our side of the mountain 🌶 1.7k
Kun and Ten sneak away in the early hours of the morning, before the crew wakes, before the other boys wake, for some quality time together.

sous-vide this love 🥦 7k
ten deserves to be admired, deserves to have songs written about how exquisite he is. he deserves to be looked at with awe, with reverence. he didn’t deserve the sadness and heartbreak of having his dates turn out to be complete and utter assholes.

Fluffy tails. 🥦 9k
In which Kun's new apartment feels too lonely and his best friend Sicheng has just the solution.

let's stay together 🥦 3k
“Imagine coming home to this rug,” Kun continued. “All chaotic and freaky and extremely un-relaxing.”

Kun's Out Of Body Sexting Experience 🌶 4k
Ten won't stop sending Kun photos. It… escalates.

togetherness 🥦 12k
After six years, you'd think he'd get over whatever it was about Baba that made him blush and stammer and sigh dreamily as he looked out the window lost in thought sometimes when Yangyang had the day off from school and Baba didn't, but no. Ten still acted like Baba was the coolest thing since people landed on the moon.

must cry out loud 🥦 4k
He wanted to shake himself apart. In pieces, maybe it wouldn't hurt as much.

go the distance (a new chapter with u) 🥦 2k
YouTube chef Kun shows off his boyfriend to his followers

🍴 A Lotus in Bloom 🌶 10k
Ten is the Mogwai that bought Kun's soul; set to protect and elevate him until the contract's time runs out, by any means necessary.

Kun finds that he doesn't mind.

🍴 The Crimson Flower 🌶 21k
Ten, a rich businessman is sent to the city with little income to ‘teach him a lesson.’ Upon his job search, he meets a young and philosophical artist Kun— who is more than displeased of his presence.

The problem; however, is Ten’s good at being himself— persistent, charming, and a little bit of a pain.

🍴 creation myth 🌶 4k
Kun’s eyes narrowed as he watched Ten float through the soiree. He moved like fluid, drenching everything and everyone in his path with hunger – not that anyone present needed any further persuading before succumbing to the haze of lust that clouded the expansive villa. But the god of water’s presence just seemed to amplify the feeling.

🍴 Lords and Ladies 🌶 9k
How galling it must have been to see a common whore beside the throne, his hands in the King’s hair, lips against the King’s ear.

🍴 dark white room 🌶 5k
Ten has the keys to the old part of the ship, the part that they now use as a prison. He's had them for days, hidden under his belt, and no one has thought to search him. He has the keys, and he has the codes, and he definitely has the motive.

Happenstance 🥦 11k
Johnny, single father of one, gets another parent to look after Donghyuck in the playground while he has to rush home on a work errand. And Donghyuck makes a new friend.

Woke Up In Japan (1:27 AM) 🌶 4k
It's that time of the year again—yes, it's another trip to Osaka for SMTown, and this time, Kun and Johnny are sharing a hotel room. Which shouldn't be too bad, if only Kun doesn't secretly want to suck his roommate's dick.

Several Drinks Later 🥦 4k
After two years of being college roommates Johnny had finally (somehow) convinced Kun to go to a party.

a little help never hurt 🥦 3k
Johnny wished someone had told him beforehand how hard it was to juggle being a single father and having a job. Well two jobs. Writing journal articles and saving the world.

Cardiac Arrest 🌶 14k
Kun is concerned about the regular that shows up at least five times a day to order a double strength large long black. Or he's attracted to him. Or both.

You Attack My Heart 🥦 3k
John is a coward.

Points of Contact 🌶 9k
Kun is very tactile, and Johnny suffers for it.

callin' 🌶 4K
The first time Kun makes Johnny come with only words is innocent enough. The second time it happens, Johnny’s really not expecting it.

Obvious 🌶 2k
Exam season is dumb decisions extravaganza.

hum hallelujah 🌶 3k
“Father.” Johnny's hands rest on the priest’s thighs. “Let me suck you off.”

home 🥦 31k
Johnny goes on after a minute. “Still, I feel like if I ever got remarried, it’d have to be with someone in a similar situation. Someone who knows what it’s like and can be a bit more understanding”.

Cream Heroes 🥦 11k
Johnny has been watching Cream Heroes cat videos for a year now, but he won't let his love of the mystery cat owner get in the way of his pursuit of the cute boy in his literature class.

Perfect 10 🌶 6k
Jungwoo takes a deep breath and looks down at his hands, “well, you know how I do camming right? So, I asked as a joke to my viewers how they would feel about having a guest and they liked it way more than I thought they would.”

Call out my lie and I'll give you the truth 🌶 5k
A whine comes before a proper response, one that’s quiet and a little hesitant. “I’m not a beta.”

red lip tint 🌶 6k
Working security at a strip club was an absolute nightmare at times, having to deal with drunk assholes and splitting up bar fights–Doyoung found it absolutely annoying. However, there were some benefits to the job, the benefits being free drinks after work and a little someone by the name of Kim Jungwoo that became the object of Doyoung’s affection.

Set Me on Fire with Your Hands and Your Heart 🌶 8k
When Yuta jokingly told Johnny he wanted to get a massage for his birthday, he never expected to receive exactly that. He also didn’t expect the candles to have any other purpose besides lighting the room.

Too Busy Being Yours 🌶 11k
Johnny likes it when he’s the reason why Yuta’s fucked stupid out of his mind. Likes it even more when Yuta spends the night in his bed, when Yuta lets him take care of him and clean him up, but Yuta usually doesn’t, and Johnny’s never one to push.

let the choir bells ring 🥦 10k
Yuta is forced to hire Johnny at Taeyong and Taeil's wedding and maybe it works out better than expected.

tell me what you want and i'll give it all to you 🌶 2k
Ten always gets what he wants.

blinking game 🥦 6k
Guanheng has a crush that he’s having trouble keeping to himself, as in, every one of his band members finds out about his crush on Ten before Ten himself.

lucky 🌶 4k
He's trembling all over, his legs won't stop shaking and he tries to remember to breathe but his head is swimming, and won't Ten please let him come.

Office escapades 🌶 3k
Tendery's office escapades.

You're a pessimist, Moon Taeil 🌶 ongoing
Taeil writes Taeyong a love letter and ends up losing it at work. It falls into the wrong hands and instead of being an honest person and admitting that he wrote the letter, he decides to lie instead. Things get out of hand after that, and somehow after a slight misunderstanding everyone, including Taeyong, thinks Taeil has a crush on Johnny.

don’t know when it’ll explode 🥦 32k
Taeil likes his job. Mostly. Except for when he's confined to a desk or forced to go undercover. So it just figures that when his team has no choice but to send in an agent undercover with a pop group to figure out who's making threats against an upcoming music festival, he's the only one who has a chance of pulling it off. (And not just because he's short, either.)

take you home 🌶 4k
Johnny isn’t stupid, and he knows what is going on. He just doesn’t know why. Taeil knows how to behave, and palming Johnny through his pants in a packed movie session in the theater is certainly not a definition in his books on How To Properly Behave In Public.

warning 🌶 23k
Sicheng should have known better than to mess with bored rich kid Jung Jaehyun, but what can he do? He isn't good on reading warning signs.

what a wonderful caricature of intimacy 🥦 3k
In which Jaehyun helps solve Sicheng’s problems while ignoring his own.

know lonely? 🌶 6k
Somehow Guanheng’s presence has started to become as certain as the sun, although even the sun tends to disappear whenever Dejun decides he wants it around. Guanheng doesn’t.

Touch Me, Tease Me 🌶 2k
Hendery was super cool finding out that his co-boy group member and probably one of his bestest friends in the whole entire world had a collection of assorted sex toys hidden at the very top shelf of their closet. Totally cool with it, for sure.

What Hendery wasn't sure he was cool with was seeing said best friend using these sex toys on himself as he chanted Hendery's name over and over again.

Just Say You Like Me 🥦 10k
Xiaojun runs the advice column at his universities newspaper. One day an anonymous question comes in asking "how do I get someone to notice that they are loved", and for some reason he cant stop thinking about. So he writes about it. Unfortunately, after the paper is released, suitors come out from all around him to try and whoo him. Xiaojun is so focused on the chaos around him that he completely misses the fact that his best friend Hendery has been doing the things on the list as well.

First and Last 🌶 13k
Guanheng was Dejun's first in many ways, and this was just one of such ways.

cold november 🥦 10k
november promised to be cold. however, two figures appeared among the mighty trunks of the dark forest.

sanctify my sins || johnny/ten/sicheng 🌶 46k
Each man creates his own god for himself. His own heaven, his own hell. It teakes him years to realize that, but Johnny now knows sin will find him no matter what.

fill me to the top || johnny/taeyong/doyoung 🌶 5k
Perfect. All this, just perfect. Because a hard-on at three in the afternoon accompanied by the very loud and clear sound of Taeyong’s moaning and Johnny’s low grunting is just what Doyoung needs.

Cotton Candy || johnny/taeyong/ten 🌶 15k
Johnny had no idea how he ended up with the two brattiest boyfriends, but he did know that they looked good enough to eat in pastels.

melt and swallow || taeyong/everyone 🌶 5k
Taeyong just wants to be loved. And maybe fucked and filled, too.

i just want to feel good (all night long) || sicheng/everyone 🌶 15k
By some play of fate and sheer luck, Sicheng gets what Sicheng wants.

"Can I be the Magnus to your Alec?" || ten/jaehyun, johnny/taeyong 🥦 4k
Jaehyun is dragged by Taeyong at San Diego Comic Con.

losing all my vision, religion (get a little high) || johnny/taeyong/jaehyun 🌶 3k
However, Jung Yoonoh and Seo Youngho is forcing him to make a fourth category; the persistent.

Sherbet Lemon || johnny/taeyong/ten 🌶 51k
Ten doesn't take a liking to Johnny's new love interest.

back talk || johnny/taeyong/jaehyun 🌶 23k
Maybe it's the voice in the back of Taeyong's head speaking, clouding his judgement and egging him on, but he really, really, really wants to be fucked and used. Johnny and Jaehyun are more than happy to oblige him.

Make the New Year Gay || multiple 🌶 ongoing
smut collection of drabbles and longer oneshots

Three is Better than Two || johnny/taeyong/doyoung 🥦 10k
Doyoung has a crush on Taeyong. Falling for Taeyong's boyfriend wasn't part of the plan.

Carnivore. || multiple 🥦 22k
Taeyong wasn't an ordinary college student, no matter how much he wanted to be. According to society, he was a murderous creature, always hungry and deathly. In his mission to prove the world otherwise he's presented with Seo Youngho, a ghoul investigator with a plan and a strange fixation for him.

the odds || multiple 🌶 5k
They’re beautiful, Ten tells himself inwardly, and the clench in his heart is wonderful when he realizes: they’re his. All of them.

You Taste Like a Cherry Bomb || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 2k
“What do you think about threesomes?” Jaehyun smiled at him as if they were talking about the weather.

may i touch said he || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 9k
yoonoh and youngho accidentally have a threesome.

neutron star collision || taeil/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 2k
when neutron stars orbit each other closely, they spiral inward as time passes due to gravitational radiation. when they meet, their collision leads to the formation of either a more massive neutron star or a black hole.

Two Is Not the Same || taeil/yuta/sicheng 🌶 37k
They say if you're in love with one person and you fall in love with another, you should choose the second person because if you were truly in love with the first then you wouldn't have fallen in love with the second. They also say you can just have both.

let's go to that summer noon || multiple 🥦 45k
When Mark goes into his third year at Hogwarts, he expects a drama free year. He's an ordinary student who has his friends and grades set out. It'll just be like the previous two years, he predicts. Then, he meets Taeyong and Jaehyun.

Heaven's So Far Away || multiple 🌶 ongoing
Yuta's Angel was sent to him after Yuta's best friend was killed. Neither of them knew just how much Yuta was really going to need one.

The Feeling Of Anticipation || multiple 🌶 ongoing
When your Father's reputation continues to precede you, friends were hard to come by for 18 year old Sicheng. A lonely life through high school lead to a desire for more freedom, the chance to live as a normal teenager for the first time ever in his life, possible only by embarking off to university.

Living in Sin || yuta/jaehyun/sicheng 🌶 7k
"Did I miss anything?" Yuta asked, eyes straying down over Sicheng's bare chest for a moment before glancing over to Jaehyun.

talking back tonight || mark/lucas/jungwoo 🌶 4k
Yukhei has a habit of letting his hands wander. He can’t help it; he likes to hold hands, and it seems that his own hands seems to gravitate towards thighs.

What Comes After || multiple 🥦 12k
Yukhei is, essentially, an Uber driver for the dead. He’s always thought becoming a reaper was the best option for him, but a beautiful boy pining for lost love may make him change his mind.

the three of us, we're a masterpiece || multiple 🥦 2k
Donghyuck enjoys spending his time at different art museums, hanging out with his friends and being able to take in countless pieces of art without a care in the world. It's during one of these visits that he meets two boys that put the paintings around him to shame.

clichéd: magic edition || multiple 🌶 series
collection of works set within the same universe, harry potter setting. clichéd and terribly unoriginal; please expect Quidditch matches, Christmas festivities and the amazing WonderWitch line of love potions!

cut through the clouds || kun/doyoung/ten 🥦 4k
Qian Kun, microbiology major, vice-president of the ISA, part-time poster model and full-time mom friend, is perhaps more stressed than he would like everyone to think.

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars || multiple 🥦 10k
kuntober week ii ; prompt ; I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now you’re invested in my life.

fractures. || johnny/taeyong/yuta 🥦 3k
He wakes to darkness, dampness, and pain ricocheting through his head.

forevermore. || johnny/taeyong/yuta 🥦 ongoing
Johnny and Yuta are thrust into a mess that was long coming, and it all centres around the one boy they've loved more than love itself. Taeyong Lee is important, and they will save him.

nights like these (who needs the days?) || donghyuck/lucas 🥦 5k
Donghyuck swears that if had to hear one more poor attempt of a haiku chat-up line, he was going to put his bow to good use and kill Wong Yukhei.

cut to the feeling || taeil/jungwoo 🥦 1.7k
Hot Runner is turning them both into morning people, because Jungwoo wakes up early to see him pass by and Jaehyun wakes up early so he can judge Jungwoo silently over his morning coffee.

Hard (pill to) Swallow || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 6k
johnny accidentally takes pseudo heat pills and has jaedo help him

Marshmallow || johnny/taeyong/ten 🌶 8k
Johnny is exhausted, his baby boys decide to turn the tables and look after him for a change.

Talk || taeil/sicheng 🌶 5k
In Bangkok, Taeil comes looking for attention.

7 days to win johnny || multiple 🌶 ongoing
Ten sets up a game Taeyong isn't emotionally prepared to play.

The Taste of Tears || johnny/doyoung 🥦 6k
Life is never easy, but sometimes it gets particularly difficult. Some nights are dark, some are lonely, and the worst are both of these things. Johnny is just trying to survive with his aching heart and his spinning head.

Little || taeyong/everyone 🌶 9k
The first words that came to Jaehyun’s mind is mini and pathetic. Is it possible for a penis to look like this? Jaehyun thought incredulously, because he watched a lot of porn and while he’s seen a fair variety of small cocks, he had never seen anything that looked quite like this.

just a little bit (and maybe a little more) || jaehyun/jungwoo 🌶 2k
he knows what jungwoo is thinking, what any alpha would think in their situation: that jaehyun is being nice, that he doesn't want to commit to being knotted by an alpha during the peak of their rut. but that's exactly what jaehyun wants to happen right now.

celebrate you, baby || taeyong/taeil 🌶 7k
Maybe that’s why they work so well together, Taeyong thinks. Taeil, with so much to give, and Taeyong, so eager to take.

Crimson and Gold || taeyong/yuta/ten 🌶 5k
Ten is hungry, thirsty and he is starving for attention. He finds relief in the new toy Taeyong brings home for them to play with.

if three is a crowd, four is a party || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun/jungwoo 🌶 8k
“What are you guys doing,” Jaehyun breathes out, biting down on his lip and hating the way his legs have spread, quietly urging Doyoung to palm him more.

Catch Me || multiple 🌶 3k
Jaehyun's always had Thursday nights to himself. He rarely ever ran into any of the other members and if he did, they all minded their own business. This Thursday was a little different and he unfortunately walks in on something he shouldn't have.

recrudescence || mark/donghyuck, johnny/taeyong 🌶 12k
the recurrence of an undesirable condition; revival or reappearance in active existence. in extended use, it most often describes the return of an undesirable condition, such as a war or a plague, or the return of an undesirable idea.

parallax || multiple 🥦 8k
The catch is this: Crimson Typhoon takes three pilots to operate.

how we do || yuta/taeil/sicheng 🌶 5k
He looks so good, so fucking good, the fading pink of his hair matching the dress kind of perfectly, making him look ethereal even as he looks up at him with tears in his eyes and spit and precum all over his face.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation || multiple 🌶 3k
And deliver us from Evil.

the good life || taeyong/eldritch being 🌶 ongoing
Taeyong never thought he'd find the happiness he always dreamed of with an eldritch monster and their children, but love is found in unexpected places.

prize for rotten judgment || multiple 🌶 34k
All Doyoung wants is for Kun (and Ten, but especially Kun) to leave him alone. Really.

Body Reacting, Quickly || multiple 🌶 3k
Taeyong was tired and in desperate need of rest. Most of them were, touring was tiring, after all. But Johnny, being the sadist he secretly was, had other plans that involved a very whiny Taeyong and... well, why don't you find out yourself?

lucky strike || johnny/jungwoo 🌶 13k
Kim Jungwoo is the resident campus sweetheart, loving and wholesome in a way no one would dare attempting to taint. But Johnny Seo is drunk, horny and apparently really, really dumb.

mirror mirror || ten/taeyong 🌶 3k
Sure, Taeyong knows he's objectively attractive. But he never expected to get a chance to see firsthand just how appealing he can be...

Deep In Their Roots, All Flowers Keep The Light || multiple 🌶 58k
Kun worked at the flower shop, because he was a workaholic and the idea of lazing at home send him into nervous breakdown.

Dejun came to the flower shop, because he needed a little life in his dorm room, which seemed very dull while he was slaving away on his Master thesis.

The Music You Cast; The Magic You Compose || multiple 🌶 ongoing
“Don’t think the war is over because it’s not. Remember that someone is always listening.” Taeyong’s eyes flit around again. “Stay safe, Johnny. Please."

And then he was gone.

no matter what || kun/ten/sicheng 🌶 4k
Sicheng wakes up one morning, and he feels a bit...different. Not in a bad way, but in a way that he hasn’t experienced in quite a long time. Not since he got together with his boyfriends Kun and Ten.

touch me, i'm sick || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 12k
Doyoung is sick and fairly sure there is no better way to nurse a man back to health than through some good dicking.

Reordered Priorities || kun/lucas 🌶 3k
Yukhei is the dictionary definition of a bad roommate. Not only does he have no idea how to contribute when it comes to housework, doesn't know how to cook or how to work a vacuum cleaner, but he seems to think it’s his job to make up for all this by jerking off on Kun’s bed. Not that Kun minds, much.

The Rule of Three || johnny/taeyong/mark 🌶 6k
Taeyong and Mark have been missing Johnny dearly with him having been away for months on a bothersome school trip. When he finally comes home, it's only natural that they give him a warm welcome.

there's a certain satisfaction in a little bit of pain || johnny/taeyong/ten/jaehyun 🌶 4k
the sound of his keys falling on the floor is enough to make johnny let out a string of loud curses. his body feels as if it’s been drained of every little bit of energy, now being simply like that of a ragdoll. johnny only wants to open the door faster, change out of his clothes and fall asleep. maybe cuddle his boyfriends too, if they’re not busy.

Forever and Always || multiple 🌶 32k
"Oh, and exciting news" Mr. Do says, and Taeyong hides a smile- Mr. Do doesn't usually look like anything easily excites him, "Crown Prince Suh Youngho has requested a meeting with me. He wishes to establish a closer connection to all his future colleagues and acquaintances at the UN. The meeting is tomorrow, before lunch. Please be in attendance, for any important note-taking, and information I might need on hand."

and how the tables have turned || taeyong/ten/jaehyun 🌶 3k
you see jaehyun, that's why we can't even have a nice dinner together.

mad as rabbits || johnny/taeyong/yuta 🌶 3k
The Ice Prince, they call Lee Taeyong, ruthless and invulnerable. The polar opposite of the way he is behind closed doors, alone with his boyfriends.

Princess || taeyong/lucas 🌶 6k
"Just like that, princess," Yukhei says. Taeyong loses his mind a little.

transient diaphragmatic spasm || taeyong/taeil, doyoung/yuta 🌶 17k
Taeyong briefly wondered whether they ran into Dr. Moon or not before getting distracted by work. It was a silly thought anyway. The likelihood of that happening would be low and Taeyong had only ever seen Dr. Moon at night shifts in the ER.

touch me more! (oh please) || doyoung/jeno 🌶 3k
Jeno really doesn’t think it’s an issue until it is. It’s...normal, right? There are all those nasty jokes and stories about how boys can’t keep it in their pants, how they’re all just hormone-driven apes with a brain. Jeno had grown up hearing his friends mess around, but he really, really thinks this is getting to be too much.

All of you || taeyong/taeil 🌶 3k
Taeil tries to get his boyfriend drunk to know his species and gets more than what he bargained for

Twice as Sweet johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 10k
Jaehyun often gets asked why exactly he needs two sugar daddies. The answer is simple, he loves them both. Now if only the two of them could get along

toeing the line || yuta/taeil 🌶 3k
Taeil always forgets just how thoroughly Yuta can wreck him physically and emotionally. It's about time for a reminder.

natural selection || jaehyun/ten 🌶 2k
This was one of Ten's favorite pastimes, picking an alpha from the pretentious frat of the day and blowing their minds.

a toy for two || johnny/jungwoo 🌶 1.6k
in which jungwoo gets an idea and that idea involves sharing a toy with johnny.

They Are A Wildfire || ten/sicheng 🌶 4k
People liked to think that they had a handle on who Ten and Sicheng were, but they really had no clue. See, when they had been partnered off as Aurors, everyone expected Chittaphon, street name Ten, to be the chaotic one and Sicheng, street name Winwin, to be the quiet, restrained one, when really, the truth was they were both batshit— just different levels of it.

really good boy || mark/lucas 🌶 12k
Yukhei goes to all the wrong people for relationship advice, until he doesn't.

With you in front of me, everything else fades away || kun/jungwoo 🥦 14k
Knight Qian is in denial about being in denial about being in love with the most beautiful courtier to ever exist.

unlikely bedfellows || doyoung/ten 🌶 11k
It’s not that Doyoung hates his roommate, but Ten wouldn’t have been his first choice. Things are just bearable enough, however, until Ten’s walking into Doyoung’s room at night and climbing into bed next to him.

Autumn Leaves || yuta/jaehyun 🥦 20k
In which Jaehyun, a classical musician, gets warped into the world of jazz by Yuta, and now they’re in for a wild adventure full of music, performing, and love.

spooky scary sexy times || multiple 🌶 12k
written for kinktober 2019.

let's take time || kun/lucas 🥦 7k
Kun doesn't know if what annoys him about having a clumsy soulmate is being covered in bruises or having Kunhang, his cousin, make up crazy theories about who is could be and how they manage to hurt themselves so much while still being alive.

foreword: stocking your pantry (for your werewolf boyfriend) || multiple 🥦 11k
"Scaredy cat," he chided himself, pressing his hand into his side where a cramp had formed. "There's nothing there." He walked slowly back to the house, and he couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching him.

Slow Down || yangyang/dejun 🥦 5k
‘Me too’ Dejun thinks, ‘I’ll be a hero as long as you’re my villain.’

Ringmaster || doyoung/jaehyun, mark/donghyuck 🥦 ongoing
reporter Jaehyun gets kidnapped by a circus and is pulled into a world of danger he never expected.

Rules Are Rules || johnny/taeyong/yuta 🌶 5k
Taeyong is horny and decides to break the rules. Johnny and Yuta were supposed to be out but they end up coming home early, how do they react when they see him disobeying?

Thinking of you 24/7 || lucas/dejun 🥦 17k
7-Eleven is open 24/7 and so is Guanheng’s mind. But only for the boy who buys mango yoghurt religiously at fifteen past two every morning.

painted red || johnny/doyoung 🌶 3k
It was only suppposed to be a normal schedule, but Johnny has no control over this nasty mouth of his.

into the deep end || jaehyun/mark 🌶 14k
After a drug bust goes horribly, horribly wrong, police detective Jaehyun Jung is finally given the chance to redeem himself in an undercover mission to infiltrate Electric Fang, the gang that has taken over sleepy little Maple Hollow.

lavender lace || johnny/ten/sicheng 🌶 23k
Johnny, please go out and stick your dick in someone. For the sake of our family.

disco stick || sicheng/hendery 🌶 9k
Dong Sicheng and Wong Kunhang belong behind the cameras and on the runway.

raspberries and cream || doyoung 🌶 2k
doyoung loves nothing more than he loves money and sex

we lay here for weeks and for hours (your hand in mine) || multiple 🌶 ongoing
Jaehyun gets attacked at the new vampire-and-guests-only club and a decision has to be made: let him die (which Doyoung seems adamant against happening, even though they just met), or turn him.

i bloom (just for you) || taeyong/mark, johnny/taeyong 🌶 3k
“oh, baby,” taeyong coos, reaching out to grab mark’s hand where it rests on the table. “is that what you wanted my advice for? you want me to teach you how to pleasure an omega?”

Food for the Heart || kun & everyone 🥦 1.9k
Qian Kun loves his members, even when they constantly barge into his kitchen while he's making dinner.

a soft universe || kun/everyone 🥦 4k
He finally found the key he was looking for: it was still new and shiny from lack of use, but stood apart from the others from the splash of tiny diamonds that had been encrusted into the custom-made key head.

stairway to the sky || multiple 🌶 ongoing
When an ancient prophecy threatens to destroy all that Ten knows, it's up to the young demigods to uncover the past to save their future.

this madness || sicheng/yibo 🌶 2k
The man seems to be deep in thought, but only for a moment. He nods knowingly, placing his helmet between his legs. “Second place racers only get money around here because it is where the mafia comes to play, and they know they can’t win against me.”

everything i wanted (everything-boy || lucas/hendery/dejun 🌶 9k
Hendery is Xiaojun's best friend and he's kind of in love with him, but the nurse who recently joined their drug gang has made a home in his heart too. When his life is on the line, Xiaojun can't afford to make mistakes and get his heart broken.

Good To Me || johnny/mark 🌶 6k
It all starts at Yuta’s house, and Mark’s shaking the entire time.

lemon detox || johnny/jungwoo 🌶 4k
“Were you dreaming about me?” Johnny asks, practically purring as he lets his fingers glide up Jungwoo’s thigh. “You’re so wet and you were moaning my name.”

old times || johnny/jaehyun, kun/ten 🌶 7k
Since his husband was just set on being ornery tonight, Kun decided to just take the L and try again tomorrow.

can't sleep until i feel your touch || taeyong/ten 🌶 5k
Taeyong is in heat and Ten decides to take advantage of it by doing a stream with him.

Where in the World is Johnny Suh? || multiple 🥦 16k
Everything is perfect normal and content except one day, Johnny - captain of the basketball team, student council president, and most popular guy around - goes missing.

Get Cool || johnny/mark 🥦 5k
Mark's crush on his best friends older brother has gone from cute to downright embarrassing. When Johnny comes home for Christmas Mark is reminded of why he likes him so much and of how unatainable he is. But at eighteen Mark is now an official adult and Johnny's single status means he can finally try and at least get a kiss from his crush before he has to let him go.

as above, so below || johnny/donghyuck 🥦 ongoing
If I save a god, Donghyuck thinks, over and over. If I save him, he will save me?

collision theory || johnny/yibo 🌶 30k
When the basketball varsity recruits new players, Johnny feels like his team is falling apart. Yibo is arrogant in everything he does, and Johnny can't see things working out.

ashes to gold || multiple 🥦 ongoing
The Seelie and Unseelie court have been enemies for centuries, since their creations. They would appreciate it staying that way, too, except for the turn in the tide of the war being waged against the witches and their losses increasing. With the threat of extermination growing, they must reunite and align.

What better way to align than sending Prince Kun of the Seelie court to the Unseelie court to marry Prince Ten, the wildest child of the king.

%4% || multiple 🌶 9k
To be honest, Jungwoo didn’t really think that they’d agree to his idea of the perfect birthday present. Didn’t think they’d all answer yes when he came up to them and casually asked them if they’d fuck him for his birthday, all four of them.

Honey on Toast || johnny/doyoung/jaehyun 🌶 4k
Jaehyun wakes up desperate and horny, but what's he going to do when none of his boyfriends available to help him?

Mythical Milkshake Place || multiple 🥦 75k
Mark Lee is the leader of an amateur monster hunter club. He happens to think Donghyuck from the milkshake place is cute.

too qarm a welcome || yuta/donghyuck 🌶 7k
Donghyuck, overseas on a diplomatic errand, finds himself caught in a trap, set by his host court to force him to give up his image as a pristine future lord of heaven.

It is a very, very attractive trap.

mad dog! || mark/lucas 🥦 1k
“How about I take off that muzzle?” Yukhei hummed. Mark couldn’t stop his ears from perking up slightly upon the proposition. No, he can’t be too eager or relaxed around this stranger. He quickly masked his initial excitement by keeping his ears low and his tail from wagging. He had to be cautious. The moment he starts to show some sort of weakness, he could be taken advantage of.

i need a hero || mark/donghyuck, jeno/lucas 🥦 28k
"Yukhei makes me feel small. I like it.”

Yukhei, the poor soul who just cannot get a break, Donghyuck thinks, seems to glitch completely, wheezing and freezing up so hard at the same time he strains a muscle in his leg.

“You okay?” Jeno looks over, completely unaware that he will be Yukhei’s ultimate undoing. Donghyuck pities Yukhei only for a second until he’s reminded that Mark is next to him (because he shifts on the couch and their knees knock together) and he suddenly wants to curl into a ball and scream at the excitement that vibrates through his veins. (ALL THEY DID WAS TOUCH KNEES—DONGHYUCK IS SO FUCKED!)

stop, drop and roll || renjun/lucas 🥦 3k
“Wow, I didn’t think that I would see you again this quickly.”

Renjun exhales, yet again, “neither did I. My aim in life isn’t really to have regular run-ins with the city’s fire department.”

the space between stars || kun/ten/lucas 🌶 6k
“No need to be gentle,” Kun said. “You know how he likes it.”

fall and free || kun/ten/hendery 🌶 5k
It's been in his head for a while now, no longer just a fantasy anymore. Because as they're with three, what would be better than to have Ten and Kun take him at the same time?

of poison and fangs || mark/lucas 🌶 ongoing
It has taken years but they're finally here, they're okay, they're alive, they're surviving. But just when Mark thinks that maybe they will be fine, that things will finally start to settle down, he is ripped from the only family he has and thrown into a life he never asked for.

🍴 tiny roars || jaehyun/mark 🥦 1.4k
Aggressive. Hostile. Violent. Feral.

That was what was written on the report that had been given to Jaehyun two years ago. At that time, the VHRT had been a tiny non-profit organization run by his parents. Now, the Volunteer Hybrid Rescue Team has expanded to sixteen different countries, and they’ve had over two thousand volunteers sign on since Jaehyun took over as head of the organization.

🍴 Power over me || doyoung/yuta 🌶 40k
Yuta is a faerie king, revered for his balance between humanity and cruelty. But many are vying for his crown, and these traitors become more prominent when he takes in a half faerie-half human, Doyoung. As his enemies close in, Yuta must see who is loyal and who is not, and whether Doyoung will be his salvation or demise.

🍴 Unfamiliar Excitement || johnny/jaehyun/taeyong 🌶 6k
Jaehyun is jealous. He is jealous but he doesn't know what he is supposed to be jealous of when he looks at the silhouettes of Johnny and Taeyong being in love. Does he want Taeyong? Or does he want to be in his place. He really doesn't know. And it is much harder than he imagined to figure it all out.


Jaehyun is in a funk as he explores the depths of his deep dark thoughts. Taeyong and Johnny are more than happy to help.

🍴 habituation 🥦 ongoing
Puppies were social by nature, and Xuxi wasn’t used to being alone. Ever.

🍴 rise ||
hendery/lucas/xiaojun** 🥦 4k
"hi," xuxi says, shy as he looks between dejun and guanheng and back. "i hope i'm not interrupting."

"not at all," dejun cracks a smile and beckons him over. "i have pancakes to share. tell guanheng to stop being lame and learn how to eat creatively."

it's interesting to guanheng how easily dejun and xuxi fall into conversation. they speak to each other like old friends, like they've known each other all their lives. he supposes there's truth in that anyway — the two of them have spent their lives in the academy together, off on two different paths that now somehow converge because of guanheng.

🍴 Battleborn: A Prophecy in Three Acts || johnny/mark 🌶 30k
In one lifetime, General Lee Minhyung and General Seo Youngho face each other first as lovers, and then as enemies on a battlefield that spells the end of war between their two lands.

In another, Mark Lee and Johnny Suh are brought back together by the winds of Fate.

This is their story.

🍴 Eat Your Heart Out || johnny/taeyong/lucas 🥦 2k
Crown Prince Taeyong Lee of the North runs away from his kingdom and into the forest that's rumored to be full of monsters and finds two wolves; Johnny and Yukhei.

🍴 you touch my tra la la || kun/lucas 🌶 11k
Kun may or may not have a size kink, Yukhei is adorable and everything is Ten's fault.

🍴 Marble and Water || taeyong/ten 🌶 31k
Taeyong blinks, trying to imprint the man's face into his memory, the minor facets of expression as he blinks water out of his eyes, as drops run down the gentle curve of his cheekbone, down the smooth column of his neck. He tries to imprint into his mind the way the cold eyes are alive, moving, watching him with an intensity that scares him to his core, because gods, how many times has he wished for these eyes to meet his own gaze?

How many times has he wished to be looked at too?

“I know you,” he repeats, voice almost nothing in the silence of the night. “I’m in love with you.”

🍴 sweet tooth for you 🥦 10k
johnny owns and runs a shelter for hybrids, and one fateful day mark lee is brought into his care.

mark lee, a shy and guarded cheetah hybrid with a murky past.

johnny isn't sure how to help mark until he is reminded of another tenant at his shelter, wong yukhei. a lonely puppy hybrid with a huge heart and the energy of a thousand suns. he isn't sure why he didn't think of it sooner.

🍴 the door between us 🌶 ongoing
Renjun thinks back to when they had first moved here, back when he was eleven and everything was peaceful. Back then, things were much simpler. He was just a child with three brothers who loved being with each other, brothers who spent all of their time with each other without ever getting bored. He wishes he would have known that that summer would be their last summer of peace.

Now, they're all barely home at the same time. Guanheng spends most of his with Dejun and Yangyang, while Chenle is often out doing God knows what in God knows where. And Sicheng… Renjun doesn't know anything about Sicheng anymore.

🍴 part three: amuse bouche 🥦 24k
“Your spell worked,” Ten had told him.

Ten's back, but Kun's view into this strange, magical world is expanding, and Kun grapples with new lessons and dreams, new dangers and nightmares.

🍴 part four: the dinner party 🥦 22k
His head was still in a fog.

Kun awakens to a strange feeling in his head and his heart. Something is wrong, but he doesn't know what it could be--or who.

🍴 Metal and Stone 🌶 ongoing
“There must be some good people in the palace.”

“There are,” Johnny agreed. “The problem being that they are vastly outweighed by the bad.”

“And when Mark is king?” Jaehyun asked. The clouds ahead spoke of summer rain, but Johnny could hear Mark’s laughter still, see his bright smile. “What will happen when Mark is crowned?”

“War, I think,” Johnny said. “Which is why we strengthen him here. The closer he is to humanity now, the more of it he will retain when he is crowned.”

🍴 Swamp Bellows || sicheng/hendery/lucas 🌶 2k
From his position in the mud on the ground, Yukhei was shielded by a thick bush loaded with blossoms and deep blue berries - he wasn't sure if he was visible, but the shadow coming through the trees was visible to him. He could see it through the leaves and twigs stepping out into clearer view.

The man stepping out of the brush was stark naked, tall, broad shouldered. His tan skin was stained in a dark red that travelled from his torso and hands to his face, where the space around his mouth was still glistening from a mixture of spit and the red liquid…

🍴 Can't Change What I Am (Not Even Your Human Assumptions Can) || lucas/xiaojun 🥦 7k
Housemate #1 was a vampire.

Housemate #2 was a hard-willed skeptic.

Could I make it any more obvious?

One of Us 🥦 18k
Donghyuck’s new flatmate Mark doesn’t seem any different from expected. He’s nice and polite, and pretty darn cute too. All of that changed when Mark returned home one night with a bloody shirt and a gun in his hand.

i was lowkey (that's the old me) 🥦 9k
donghyuck is going to start prematurely greying because of mark lee

Sunsoaked 🥦 44k
Delicate. The word that Mark was looking for, to describe Donghyuck’s expression. It was delicate. And it was all he had been able to think about. He was all Mark had been able to think about.

Dog days 🥦 4k
Jeno doesn’t hate Yuta - he’s kind and funny and treats him like he’s his younger brother - but he hates any older guy that attracts Renjun’s attention.

눈을 뗄 수가 없어 🥦 15k
Jeno doesn’t mean to stare, but there’s something about the boy with the vibrant red hair that captures his attention.

frostbite 🥦 4k
According to Renjun, Donghyuck just needed a push in the right direction. Donghyuck didn't think he meant down a hill, racing Mark to the finish line on a sled.

the way change is inevitable (and sometimes good) 🥦 3k
There is nothing in the world Donghyuck wants more than to restart; to have a second chance at who he falls in love with.

double, double, toil and trouble 🥦 2k
As a Hogwarts prefect, Mark was no stranger to dealing with students stricken by the effects of love spells and potions. When his best friend confessed to him out of nowhere on Valentine's Day, Mark assumed he'd been slipped a love potion.

Blood, Guts and Ice Cream Cake 🥦 4k
To Donghyuck, accepting his status was a daily struggle. Betas had always been easily ignored and discarded, merely existing on the sidelines, stuck forever in the periphery of all the happily-ever-afters. There was no way an Alpha would ever look his way — especially not an Alpha like Mark Lee.

in solace 🥦 1.1k
For the love Mark has in him, is wholeheartedly Donghyuck’s and no one else’s.

The Omega is the Boss of Me 🥦 3k
There was nothing to worry about because Mark always had his eyes on Donghyuck. It’s a settled agreement that Donghyuck was his and he was Donghyuck’s.

Domestic Bananas 🥦 13k
A long ass one shot of how Mark and Haechan go from best friends, to being an old married couple without realizing, to realizing it.

alley cat 🥦 10k

rewrite the stars 🥦 54k
Donghyuck’s got a crush. He’s the perfect boy-- he’s cute, he’s polite, he cooks. Donghyuck’s friends even like him. The catch? He’s a robot.

hold onto me (pretty baby you will see) 🥦 9k
There's something about him. A faint sheen of glowing bronze, a plaster stuck haphazardly on one cheek, eyeliner heavy, cheekbones high and mouth pursed thoughtfully that makes Mark very happy about taking a night shift if it means having an adonis of a customer. His breath catches in his throat when the boy's eyes flicker to him and widen for a fraction of second.

Date With the Night 🥦 5k
"So, uh, yeah. Welcome, I guess," Mark said, shoving his hands in his pockets while Donghyuck spun in a slow, silent circle, taking in every corner of Mark's room.

Got my heartbeat runnin' away 🥦 22k
Mark and Donghyuck work in rival cafes.

freak like me 🥦 80k
Mark's biggest worries used to be what he'd say in his prom king acceptance speech, or whether his soccer team would win their next game. Then, one day, he sprouts a set of claws and everything changes.

here, there be dragons 🥦 4k
There are very few things that faze Mark anymore. Two years of living with Donghyuck, several more of knowing him, have desensitized Mark to most of Donghyuck’s antics. Yet, nothing can prepare him for the sight of a small dragon perched on Donghyuck’s head when he opens the apartment door.

sir, this is the apple store 🥦 1k
in which mark lee is terrible with technology and lee donghyuck hates his job

left to right - (but you’d leave with me anyway) 🥦 1k
Mark’s eyes narrow instantly and Donghyuck can smell the immediate shift in his scent as he tugs Donghyuck closer, pulling him away from the other guy’s hand. “Don’t touch him,” he snaps, and his hand’s not on Donghyuck's ass like the younger had instructed, but it’s pressing possessively against the small of his back, which is such a Mark thing to do that Donghyuck can’t help but relax a little into the touch.

spell 🥦 3k
[ES] Mark intenta ganarse el corazón de Donghyuck a través de la magia y sale mal. Más o menos.

A Song to Sing 🥦 ongoing
On the picturesque island of Jeju, Lee Donghyuck dreams of a perfect wedding.

your arms, your warmth, your heart 🥦 2k
donghyuck convinces mark that his dorm room is haunted.

drink up the evil (and you'll spit out the truth) 🥦 18k
Maybe it started when Mark and Donghyuck were forced to pretend to the world that they were lovesick fools, or maybe even way before that.

You, You, You 🥦 4k
Mark’s actions are always louder than his words.

you and i, zero mile 🥦 10k
Jeno wonders whether anyone in his class is really a Legilimens. He doesn’t know that much about them or whether they’d even react to something so dumb like someone yelling internally. Regardless, Jeno is bored, and doesn’t see why he can’t at least try.

mint and vanilla 🥦 13k
Renjun juggles a secret admirer, his best friend's life crisis, and Lee Jeno.

runner boy and his cup 🥦 22k
Jeno is convinced that he’s terrible at dating. He wants someone to practice with, and who better with than his best friend, Renjun.

it would be christmas everyday (if you say you love me too) 🥦 4k
Mistletoe is taken to a whole other level in the dorm, and Jeno is kind of an idiot about why Renjun won't kiss him.

every little thing 🥦 7k
If Donghyuck had a dollar for every time he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of Jaemin, he’d have enough for one (1) item from the dollar store.

i guess you're stuck (with me) 🥦 7k
“Well,” Jeno sighed, zero guilt in his voice, looking up from where he was stuck inside the slide’s tunnel. “Seems like I never learn, huh?”

new blogpost! 🥦 14k
[m4rkly left a comment 0 secs ago]: imma gonna kill u donghyuck

i see my name in shining lights; 🥦 4k
Donghyuck fights with (and crushes on) rule-abiding student council president Minhyung Lee, while simultaneously becoming obsessed with golden-voiced SoundCloud rapper Lee Mark.

make each other shine 🥦 20k
when a song that mark wrote about donghyuck is chosen for the latest nct u unit, their relationship changes forever.

ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! 🌶 12k
“You’ve obviously thought about it if it’s on your list,” Jaemin says, stirring his bibimbap after squeezing an obscene amount of gochujang on it. “Which by the way is a worryingly short list. Like you’d take a bullet for Donghyuck? You’d sit through his gazillionth rewatch of the Twilight series? But you wouldn’t fuck him?”

The Brat Pack 🥦 ongoing
Lee Donghyuck is just a normal teenager. He leads a very simple life. But after he transfers to a new school, by some twist of fate, he ends up getting involved with The Brat Pack’s leader, Mark Lee.

Rain or Shine 🥦 8k
Donghyuck is warm and soft and honey-sweet, everything Mark has ever wanted and so much more.

Lollipop Kind Of Love 🥦 1.7k
Donghyuck just wants Mark to stop smoking.

turn on the light Switch 🥦 7k
Mark meets Haechan either at a college party or on the childhood playground, depending on who you ask.

liar's paradox 🥦 12k
Jeno and Jaemin, broke college students and best friends, pretend to date in order to earn some money.

We Can Be Braver 🥦 69k
Jaemin is popular and Jeno didn't think he'd care until suddenly he does.

Library boy 🥦 1.8k
A college nomin fic nobody asked for

your magnetic field being a little too strong 🥦 29k
Mark Lee is Korean, but he was born in Vancouver. He released his debut album two years ago after his first few singles topped the charts. He first started to get popular posting covers and original songs on Youtube. His second album was critically acclaimed for truly showing his worth, not just as a pop singer, but as an artist. He’s been linked with everyone from models to singers to Korean idols.

Basically Married 🥦 4k
In which people don't believe that Mark and Donghyuck aren't dating because they act like an old married couple.

hop out, cop out (baby you're a knockout) 🥦 29k
donghyuck hops out casket-fresh, and mark starts to believe, just a little, in soulmates.

be quiet 🥦 1.6k
This is how it starts: it’s 2015 and the future is the four walls of a Disney set and Donghyuck’s tongue is the texture of a kitten’s when he demands, “Do it cutely! C-U-T-E!”

The Benefits of Heartbreak 🌶 29k
Jaemin doesn’t remember the exact when and how of meeting Lee Jeno. He must have been drunk. It must have been at last year’s Refreshers party. They must have been on the dance floor.

burning desire (for you, baby) 🥦 ongoing
Mark meets a boy in a skatepark. And he's certain he's never wanted anything or, anyone, more.

lumiere 🥦 3k
"Where are we going?", Donghyuck asks, eyes shining in excitement and expectation. Mark grins, shaking his head. "What part of 'surprise' you don't understand?"

gemini 🌶 ongoing
Mark Lee meets Haechan, and thus begins Donghyuck's ascension to stardom. In a world where an idol's patrons determine the success or failure of their career in a cutthroat industry, Donghyuck finds his mask slipping when it comes to charming his latest patron, a wealthy businessman named Mark Lee.

honeymouthed and full of wildflowers 🌶 ongoing
Mark is marrying Donghyuck to save his kingdom, but he wonders who will save him from his husband, or his husband from him.

rose-coloured boy 🥦 5k
Veela blood runs through Mark’s veins. Jeno calls it a challenge.

my feet don't need the ground 🌶 16k
donghyuck moves into a new apartment, and horny insatiable ghost mark loses his damn mind every time hyuck tries to have a nice leisurely wank

L'Ombre de Brume 🥦 9k
How Jeno tries to save Brume a corrupted city from the Dragonnards, the omnipotent gang.

slip 'n slide 🌶 2k
The first thing Jeno thinks when Renjun tells him he’s an alien is not, “what the fuck?” but instead, “what does your dick look like?”

you’ve been a connection. 🥦 ongoing

hit me where it hurts 🌶 3k
Helping a bandmate through a secret emergency heat is just something any good coworker would do. Right?

come be my teacher 🌶 2k
Donghyuck makes the best out of a detention with his science teacher (who he may or may not have a secret relationship with).

make you a season 🌶 3k
It’s like this: VLive broadcast, Renjun batting Jeno’s hands away and telling him, calmly and firmly, the way you would talk to a dog, to sit. Jeno sits.

stepping stones 🥦 10k
Summer camp only lasts a weekend, but the acceptance Donghyuck and Mark find in their new friends will last a lifetime.

it's only natural 🥦 2k
Mark meets some important people in Donghyuck's life.

Snap shoot (camera lens, uh, pointing at you) 🥦 8k
Renjun is one of the most popular Jaemin fansites. He gets into a lot of fansigns and loves to take pictures of Jaemin and sometimes other members as well. Pointing the camera towards the stage, he notices Jeno is staring at him... and wait, why is Jeno looking into his camera? And why is he blushing?

Pizza Boy 🥦 1.7k
'I made my special request for my pizza for them to send their cutest delivery boy and you showed up and apologised that you were the only one delivering tonight and i blurted out that they still got my request right' au

On the Couch 🥦 3k
In which Mark has been asked by his hyungs to dragonsit.

of cast and kisses 🥦 1.1k
in which mark's challenge went too far and donghyuck had to get a cast for his injured ankle.

Gold Dust 🥦 70k
Fate stumbles into Jeno’s life on a Wednesday afternoon in the form of a stranger walking up the dusty street.

can't help falling in love with you 🥦 21k
In which Donghyuck once had a thing going on with Mark a few years ago in New York and now he's back in his life again.

capture your breath (show you whats the deal) 🥦 6k
au where it takes donghyuck five times to realize jaemin is courting him.

hit where it hurts for silver and gold 🥦 6k
The phoenix feather in the core of their wands connects them, but that's apparently all they have in common. (Except that Donghyuck seems to be made of gold and Mark has always had a thing for him.)

An Angels Weakness 🥦 2k
But it’s Mark. And Mark, despite Jaemins best efforts to not keep it that way, will always be Jaemins weak spot.

this is my kingdom come 🥦 2k
In the sunlight, the king’s eyes look like pools of honey, and Mark can’t look away. The sword is removed from his skin, and is replaced by a hand gripping his chin. A gentle thumb swipes away the drop of blood blooming on his lower lip from when the knight had struck Mark in the face.

🍴 let's just keep this simple 🌶 3k
It's not normal to see a pudu hybrid and lion hybrid be as close as they are, but Donghyuck and Mark don't care.

They've never cared about what the world thinks of them, and never will.

🍴 In Bloom 🌶 ongoing
“You’re my one true mate,” Donghyuck says, and his eyes are big and round and shiny, and his lips are full and red, his voice so sweet, and – dear god, he smells like a dream and he looks so lovely, and Mark…

...Mark tenses up all over and starts breaking out in a cold sweat.